FEBRUARY 8 - 12. 2021 100% ONLINE
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GamiCon 2021: Co-Located with Training 2021 in Orlando

Saturday, February 20 to Sunday, February 21

A gamification conference for learning professionals that is 100% gamified!

This is the only conference exclusively for the design and application of gamification for corporate training, employee motivation, productivity, innovation, and culture change. You’ll:
  • Get strategies for the implementation of gamification for learning through a selection of proven frameworks in hands-on learning labs.
  • Explore programs that are competing for awards and talk with the folks who created them.
  • Examine best practices to judge where your programs stand in comparison.
  • Learn what you don’t know you don’t know as speakers and your peers share their struggles and challenges to help you reduce your development time and the need for trial-and-error learning.
  • Evaluate vendor tools in hands-on workshops and determine whether they will work for you.
Return, ready for immediate implementation, creating more engaging and lasting learning experiences.

More details coming soon!


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