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Don't miss this post-conference immersive learning experience – February 27 (pm) to March 1 – at sites throughout Orlando!

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Experience how innovative training leaders are applying cutting-edge approaches to learning in the digital enterprise. With Orlando as your learning lab, you will imagine, experience, and create a new future of learning for your organization. This exclusive event is limited to 50 participants. Additional fee applies (includes transportation, two lunches, and two dinners); see registration page. Presented By:
   Training Magazine

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“Innovations in Training is unlike anything I’ve seen offered at a conference before. It was great to see real innovations already implemented at organizations – and gain ideas and insights to bring back to my team.”

– Lisa O'Donnell, Director of Instructional Design, KPMG

Wednesday, February 27

4:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Kickoff: Innovating Training

Corey Munoz, Chief Learning Officer, KPMG; Leslie Hilema, Head of Transformational Innovation, GuideWell
Innovation; Steven Dahlberg, Creative Engagement Director, Training magazine

We kick off with a reception, pop-up dinner and tour of the GuideWell Innovation Center, located in Lake Nona’s Medical City. Then, learn how GuideWell Innovation’s collaborative workspace is helping people to reimagine the future of health, and discover why KPMG is investing innovation dollars in a physical, bricks-and-mortar facility in Lake Nona.


“I flew down just for Innovations in Training! It’s very, very interactive. We had lots of fun. I felt like a kid on a field trip. We saw a lot of simulations and great work. We did a lot of collaboration. It was a very perfect space for learning. The small group was very helpful because we were all focused. I look forward to coming back soon!”

– Hima Jasti, Program Manager, eBay

Thursday, February 28

8:30 am – 9:00 pm

Simo-vating Authentic Learning

Roger Smith, Chief Technology Officer; Todd Larson, Director of Education and Training; Lilly Graziani, Director of Corporate Development, Nicholson Center

Visit one of the nation’s largest, most-advanced surgical training centers — Florida Hospital Nicholson Center. See the methods they use to teach advanced surgical techniques in robotics, laparoscopy, orthopedics and many other specialties. Be prepared to tour the facility and get hands on with a surgical training experience of your own!

Creating an Interactive Tomorrow

Benjamin Noel, Executive Director; Tom Carbone,Technical Director; Erik Sand, Strategic Partnerships, UCF Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy; David Metcalf, Director, Mixed Emerging Technology Integration Lab, UCF Institute for Simulation & Training

The UCF Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy’s (FIEA) unique learning environment is equal parts engineering, art, and production — and it is one of the top-ranked graduate game design programs. We’ll visit the UCF Center for Emerging Media, including the cohort development space, FIEA Ventures, and the Studio 500 film and motioncapture production center. Through a case study of FIEA’s Concept-GameLab-Product Development Process, learn how high-production applied research and development happen.

Take the Last Truck to Clarkville: How UPS Innovates

Jon Bowers, Project Manager; Tristan Christensen, Expansion Director; Chrissy Teresi, Site Manager, UPS Integrad

Experience UPS Integrad, a next-generation training facility, which applies the “teach me, show me, let me” approach. Learn what UPS discovered about how to better train younger workers and reduce turnover. Discover how collaboration with MIT, Virginia Tech, and the Institute for the Future led to changes in their driving and service training. Practice these skills yourself as you experience how UPS blends simulations and traditional classroom instruction with Clarkville — an outside course designed to mimic a small town.

Immersive Lab: Wine

Rebecca Bettencourt, Manager of Workforce Development, Gallo University, E. & J. Gallo Winery; Steven Dahlberg, Creative Engagement Director, Training Magazine; Steve Haskin, Sommelier; Nick Howe, Chief Learning Officer, Area9 Lyceum; Wine Expert, Quantum Leap Winery

At Quantum Leap Winery, we end the day with a focus on learning and perception — through the lens of wine. Learn how E. & J. Gallo Winery innovated its technical hands-on training by slowing down to (re)discover what their technical employees actually do and how they do it. Participate in The Nature of Wine, a multisensory wine-tasting experience where we will look at, smell, and taste wines as the experts do — to better understand how the brain perceives and learns! A pop-up dinner is included, during which you can try out Vknow — the only wine educational platform designed to teach you about wine, based on what you already know and don’t know.

Friday, March 1

8:00 am – 2:00 pm

Where Artificial Intelligence Meets Adaptive Learning: Two Approaches

Domenic Caloia, Senior Learning Developer, Johnson Controls

Discover how to create adaptive, personalized learning that does not require expensive, third-party platforms. In this hands-on demo, experience the power of personalization and develop a personalized project (bring your own laptop).

Nick Howe, Chief Learning Officer, Area9 Lyceum

Personalizing learning requires more than manual branching. A new breed of tools creates personalized paths to mastery with a fraction of the effort of manual approaches. See what the science says, and how these tools fair in the real world.

Immersive Lab: Emerging Technologies

David Metcalf, Director; Angela Hamilton, Program Lead; Michael Eakins, Creative Lead, Mixed Emerging Technology Integration Lab, University of Central Florida

Our last day features UCF’s Institute for Simulation & Training, which focuses on advancing human-centered modeling and simulation technology. We will tour several IST labs and learn about and try out the latest innovations in augmented and virtual reality, adaptive and competency-based learning, healthcare simulations, 3D printing, neuro-sensing, robotics, Internet of Things applications, connected/ autonomous vehicles, and more.

Applied Innovation Workshop: Prototyping the Future of Learning

How can you take the innovations you have learned about at IIT and apply them to your organizational learning needs? See how to apply human-centered design capability by creating participatory learning experiences. Then, lab facilitators will guide you through a design thinking process, based on these principles, to prototype a concrete solution that you can take back and apply.

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